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Your One-Stop Fitness & Wellbeing

Welcome to My A to Z Fitness!

We offer various online workouts and challenges from 21 day Booty Lift to Meditation plus plenty of tips and recipes to help you with your fitness journey.

So whether you would like to tone up, fancy a chill-out session or stuck with ideas what to cook for dinner we have got you covered.

Besides our Home & Away Workout Programmes we provide an array of live fitness classes in our studio. Check out our timetable for more info there is a huge choice we promise!

Our Ladies-only Gym Circuit and Boutique Gym with our cardio and resistance machines are proving to be quite popular with our clients as well.

Sample Week's Calendar

This is an example of our 3 Week Core Shred workout.


Up & Down

Rocking our core from standing and then to the ground.

Getting it all done in different ways.


Arms & Abs

Inviting the ARMS to the party too!

We are still focusing on the ABS in this workout, but the arms want to party with us!

It's CORE.........and MORE!


Core on the Floor!

Get your Mat out! We're on the floor this whole workout!

We're 1/2 way through the week, so we're going a bit lighter today. We're flipping over from front to back and back to front. Targeting the core from all angles - from on the ground.


Front to Back!

From Front to Back - the Tummy to the Booty!

This is 360 degree core training! Tummy - Booty - Back. We're working your full core!


Fight for the Core!

Fight Mode is ON!!!!

Today we're bringing power - purpose - and INTENSITY to all of our moves. Today we're FIGHTING for our results. Fighting for our goals!

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